The Freshmen 15 is REAL!

By now, you’ve realized that the infamous freshman 15 myth, wasn’t really a myth at all. It doesn’t take long for college students to assimilate into the culture of drinking every weekend, class in the morning and bad eating habits in between. A new study by researchers Cara Moncur and Heidi Wengreen of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at Utah State University shows that nearly 1 in 4 freshmen gain at least an average of about 10 pounds during their first semester. But avoiding the dreaded freshman isn’t as hard as it may seem! We have compiled a list of simple but effective practices that are easy to implement in any busy schedule.




1 → Drink responsibly. No, seriously…

Alcohol has an insane amount of calories and absolutely no nutritional value. Mixed drinks high in sugar is even more fattening than drinking straight liquor. Drinking every once in a while is fun, it’s apart of the college experience, but getting drunk every weekend is dangerous in more ways than one.


2 → You can eat pizza, but eat salad first

Starting your meals with a leafy green salad that is high in fiber and can help lower cholesterol. It can also make you feel fuller faster, making you consume less calories.



3 → Keep healthy snacks in your room, keyword: healthy

Always keep an abundance of healthy snacks in your room. Especially fruit, whether it’s apples, bananas, or oranges. Buy whole wheat crackers or chips, hummus, almonds and veggie straws instead of salty snacks. If you have a sweet tooth you can eat dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, peanut butter on apples, yummy oatmeal or even trail mix.


4 → Don’t skip breakfast

In college it’s easy to feel like you’re “too busy” to eat breakfast, but eating a small nutritional meal in the morning has a host of benefits that improve your whole day! It can improve attention, problem-solving ability and memory, and even increase energy levels. On top of all that, people who eat breakfast are usually more healthy overall than those who don’t.


5 → Exercise with your friends!

At Florida A&M University, there’s a free rec on campus! Well, not really free…you pay for it automatically with tuition, so you might as well take advantage of it! So grab some friends, schedule a set day, and go work out. Even if your friends can’t go, don’t let that stop you from going!


6 → Drink more water!

Drinking the appropriate amount of water can help control calories and maintain weight. Studies have shown that it can prevent headaches, maintain normal bowel function, and even make your skin look better! Everyone knows the sluggishness, crankiness and overall bad feeling that comes with even a slight dehydration. So drinking more water won’t do anything but help you!


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